Menu Card

Menu Card

Most popular dishes according to our guests

Czarda roast joint roasted on iron with cornpone
You can choose it from chicken or pork as well 4 290 HUF
Czarda roast joint roasted on iron with cornpone from loin 4 990 HUF
Czarda plate – for 2 Persons
(grilled pig emperor meat, mignon of pork steak filled with poultry liver and rolled in bacon, fried chicken breast filled leek and cheese, potatoes roasted in its peel, steamed cabbage) 8 390 HUF
Pork medallion
with forest mushrooms and parsley rice 3 990 HUF
Rose colour roasted fillet mignon of pork rolled in bacon, stuffed with liver
in a dill sauce with croquet 3 990 HUF

For vegetarians

Steamed or grilled vegetables with Far Eastern spices and rice confetti 2 690 HUF
Fried Cheese 3 990 HUF


Sunday’s bouillon in pot 1 690 HUF
Hungarian kettle-goulasch 1 890 HUF
Fischerman’s soup in a kettle 2 690 HUF
Thread noodles 490 HUF
Soup of the day 990 HUF

Appetizing Delicacy

Cold goose liver in its fat with purple onion, on wooden plate 4 480 HUF
Beef-steak tartar with toast and garden vegetables 3 990 HUF
Roasted cheese, served with fresh salad 2 990 HUF
Mixed salad plate with topping as requested
with chicken strips, feta cheese or salmon
(Castings: caesar, herbs, dill yogurt)
2 990 HUF

Main Dishes

Grilled butter fish fillet with stewed vegetables 4 490 HUF
Grilled trout with buttered almonds, with buttered parsley potatoes 4 490 HUF
Perch-pike filet Joseph Hoffmann style on salad bed
(grilled perch-pike filet baked with ham and cheese)
4 650 HUF
Turkey breast sticks in beer dough sprinkled with garlic-sour cream, cheese and rice with corn 3 990 HUF
Pullet breast with zucchini, broccoli, four-cheese sauce on top, with mixed garnishes 3 990 HUF
Rose coloured duck breast with wine orange sauce, goose liver pieces and noodles with walnut 4 490 HUF
„Borzaska” Somogyi style served with corn rice, jam or cream
 4 290 HUF
Fried Pork Woodsman style (bacon, leek, cheese) with fried potatoes 3 990 HUF
Venison filet Hunter style with doily dumplings 4 790 HUF
Beef stew with red wine and tarragon 3 990 HUF
Beefsteak with goose liver, in pepper sauce, with homemade steak potatoes 5 690 HUF
Deep fried Czarda beef-steak filled with goose liver and mushrooms, with fried potatoes 5 990 HUF
Sirloin steak as desired
(eg. pepper sauce, creamy wild mushroom sauce, ragout with onion and liver)
5 690 HUF


(mixed of tomato, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, savoy cabbage)
990 HUF
Home made salads (sour) 990 HUF

For Children

Fried fisch fingers with mayonnaise-corn 1 990 HUF
Tiny Wienerschnitzel from turkey with fried potatoes 1 990 HUF
Bolognai spaghetti 1 990 HUF


Somló sponge cake 1 390 HUF
Chestnut pure 1 190 HUF
Ice magic in cup 1 390 HUF
Daily offer of our pastry cook 1 290 HUF

All items available on the menu can be ordered by HALF PORTION,

for which 70% of the price is charged.

The prices of the dishes include the stated garnish, which can be modified as desired!


The prices are in HUF, and contain VAT.

We charge 12% service charge above the prices listed on the menu.